Now you can protect your home free from rust by integrating it with our Rustech at Home units. They are easy to install and work continuously assuring your valuable appliances do not get rusted, thus making them work efficiently while assuring a longer life.
The Rustech® at Home system is designed to give you peace of mind because it begins to work instantly making sure your home wiring is free of rust, assuring better contact for each terminal; the Rustech® at Home units are designed to give a well rounded safer living environment for you, and those you love.
Rustech® at Home can also be applied to your swimming pool pump, your external generator unit, and to your garage as an added value and all around safety measure.


The appliance industry is one of the largest consumer products industries. The cost of corrosion in home appliances includes the cost of purchasing replacement appliances because of premature failures caused by corrosion. For water heaters alone, the replacement cost was estimated at $460 million per year, with at least 5% being corrosion-related. The cost of internal corrosion protection for all appliances includes the use of sacrificial anodes ($780 million per year), corrosion-resistant materials, and internal coatings.