Vessels of all size, from small recreational boats to transatlantic ships; ports, crane arms, loading rigs, containers and storage areas can all be protected against corrosion by using Rustech®.

The application of Rustech® Nautical 12 and 24 Volt eliminates the need for freshwater bath maintenance or the application of sacrificial anodes (metal designed to be eroded instead by the parts immersed in salt, or fresh water). The problem arises when the anodes are attached into the motor housing, or underwater equipment since if they are not monitored, they can become very aggressive and severely corrode the metal they are trying to protect. By not providing any protection in areas of contact with the atmosphere it will cause corrosion to take place. By using Rustech® the existing anodes on the vessel will also be protected along with any metal area connected to the Rustech® module.

Rustech® ensures extended life of nautical and boat vehicles, by protecting the engine, tail, rudder, terminals, parts, accessories and appliances. Its application provides the reduction of maintenance costs, durability in corrosion protection, and safety in applications where corrosion is critical.

*Note: Rustech® does not interfere with any of the electronic equipment on the vessel.

Rustech® compared to traditional cathodic protection:

  • Cathodic protection prevents corrosion by converting the anodic sites on the metal surface to cathodic sites, which is often accomplished in the form of galvanic anodes, also known as sacrificial systems. This process only acts on the exterior and is limited to the area of its location, it is costly, requires frequent maintenance, and is not eco-friendly.
  • Rustech® provides corrosion protection by effectively saturating the metal surface with a free-electron field that inhibits the oxidation of metal, thereby preventing rust from forming and halting the corrosion present. The excess of electrons provided by Rustech® contributes to stabilizing the potential between micro regions, thus reducing the formation of corrosion microcells. Rustech® acts on any metal structure where the process of corrosion has already begun; it protects the exterior, interior and all metal parts attached to the subject metal while consuming very little energy (0.25 mA) in comparison to cathodic protection. Rustech® works above and below water; it requires minimal maintenance, does not work with a sacrificial system, and is eco-friendly.